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No Maryland city is immune to the perils of drug abuse, and Edgewood is no exception. Although drug abuse may not be as prevalent here as in other towns, the fact is that addiction touches families from all socioeconomic levels. Perhaps your own family has one or more members who are struggling with addiction. Edgewood Drug Treatment Centers is not a treatment facility per say, but we are affiliated with a number of confidential addiction rehabs in the area you may want to know about. As rehabilitation advisors for drug and alcohol addiction treatment, we can pair you or your loved one with a rehab center in our network. To learn more about our free advisory services for addiction treatment, call (240) 724-6134 today.

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Drug Rehab Facilities in Edgewood

Why People Get Addicted

When used exactly as prescribed for a short period of time, painkillers are not a problem for most people. Unfortunately, the pain relief such drugs provide can be exceedingly habit-forming, especially for persons whose brains seem to be 'wired' for addiction. If left unchecked, prescription drug addiction does not get better on its own. In fact, prescription drug dependence usually gets worse and worse.

The nature of opiates is that over time, the user needs to take more and more medicine to achieve the same effects they used to get with less. If your doctor says you've had enough prescriptions, and you turn to friends and strangers for more drugs, the results could be deadly. The sooner you talk to someone about addiction treatment, the sooner you can take back your life.

As advisors for drug and alcohol addiction rehabilitation, we advise that you seek professional help immediately. Whether it’s at a drug and alcohol addiction treatment in Edgewood, one within the nearby surrounding areas, or somewhere out-of-state, professional help is necessary.

Are You Addicted?

Not everyone who takes a drug becomes addicted. Some drugs, however, are known for creating overwhelming dependence within a relatively short period of time. OxyContin, for instance, is among the most addictive drugs around, and plenty of folks who call Edgewood Drug Treatment Centers claim it as their habituated drug.

If you've got a prescription pain pill habit that you can't seem to shake, you're not alone. Thousands of people get hooked on legal prescriptions every year, and many of them are right here in Edgewood.

Drug treatment centers now offer a range of treatment options that may include medical detox, talk therapy, group and individual counseling, and nutritional guidance. One-on-one sessions with a private therapist may be offered along with peer group support meetings based on 12-Step or SMART recovery programs. When you call us for info regarding local treatment centers, we can tell you more about rehab programs designed to fit your unique circumstances.

How Did You Become Addicted

Addiction is a convoluted problem that has both physical and mental components. Kicking a habit "cold turkey" may stop the physical use for awhile, but does little to address the emotional reasons a person started taking drugs or drinking.

A skilled rehab facility can offer special detox medications to ease withdrawals along with behavioral therapies that are meant to get to the root nature of an addiction. We are not a rehab ourselves, but as advisors, we agree that seeking out a first class drug rehab in Edgewood or one within the nearby areas is highly advisable.

If your body becomes accustomed to drugs or alcohol, it can be virtually impossible to kick the habit without professional addiction treatment in Maryland or wherever you happen to be. The recidivism rate of return to bad habits is prevalent amongst addicts.

In fact, some people need more than one stint in rehab before they finally stay sober. Then again, many addicts get it right the first time and stay clean after a stint at a confidential drug rehab clinic.

Life can be beautiful in Edgewood, and it's even better when you're not dependent on drugs. Uncontrolled addiction leads to all kinds of long-term adverse consequences, including health problems, mental health issues, wrecked relationships, and trouble with the law.

If this sounds like you or someone that you care about, you will be glad to know that a number of quality rehab facilities in Maryland are standing by and ready to help. When you're ready to clean up your act and stay sober for the rest of your life, give Edgewood Drug Treatment Centers a call at (240) 724-6134.

Upcoming Edgewood AA & NA Meetings:

Meeting Day & Time Location
AA red rose Mon, 7:30 PM bowleys qrts. 3620 red rose farm rd, Middle River, MD 21220
NA Essex Methodist Church Mon, 7:30 PM Found the Way Group Topic, Discussion/Participation, Literature Study 524 Maryland Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21221
AA Hamilton Noon ->Monday - Saturday Thu, 12:00 PM Faith Community Church 5315 Harford Rd, Baltimore, MD 21214
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